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At Franklyns we farm high quality brown and rainbow trout to re-stock lakes, rivers and reservoirs, our trout are grown to specification and delivered at the right time.


As a result of being high on the river system the water is crystal clear and highly oxygenated – the water “brings” the oxygen to the fish. The water flows through a number of Danish style earth ponds and concrete raceways and lakes before flowing back to the river.

Fish are bought onto the site at sizes ranging from 5g to 25g. The smaller fish (5-10g) start in the concrete based ponds. Fish are fed at least twice a day with smaller fish fed more often than larger fish.

All feed used is from a sustainable source.

As the fish grow, they are graded into a mixture of sizes either by hand or machine.

All ponds are inspected at least four times per day, seven days a week.

Fish are grown in sizes ranging from 450g to 1.5 kg in size.  Some customers require larger fish and a number of “double digit” (10lbs or 4.5kg plus) are produced.

In addition to rainbows and browns, we also grow some blue and sandy trout.

We deliver fish to our customers in purpose made fish tanks supported with oxygen diffusers. However, some customers prefer to pick up their fish in their own vehicles and tanks.

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